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Fairouz - Ya Tair (Arabic)

Fairouz - Ya Tair (Arabic) 1208 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by auto on 2012/08/15
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Fairouz - Ya Tair (Oh, bird)
FAIROUZ - YA TAIR (Lyrics and Tanslation)
فيروز - يا طير

يا طير ياطاير على طراف الدني
ya tayr ya tayer ala traf eddeni
Oh bird atop of the world

لو فيك تحكي للحبايب شو بني يا طير
law fik tehki lel habayib shoo beni ya tayr
Could you tell my beloved what I'm dealing with?
Oh bird

روح اسألن عللي وليفو مش معو
rooh es'alon alli walifoo mesh ma'oo
Go ask them about me to the one who's companion is not with him

مجروح بجروح الهوىشو بينفعو
majrooh bejrroh el hawa shou byenfa'oo
He's scarred with the injuries of love

موجودع ما بيقول عللي بيوجعو
mawjoo a ma bi'ool alli byooja'oo
He's there not telling me what pains him

وتعن عبالو ليالي الولدني
wet'en abeloo layali el waldane
While thoughts of childhood recur in his mind

يا طير واخد معك لون الشجر ما عاد فيه إلا النطرة والضجر
ya tayer wekhid ma'ak eshajar ma ad fih ella ennatra we dajar
Oh bird who takes with him the color of the trees
There is no longer anything but waiting and boredom

بنطر بعين الشمس عابرد الحجر
bentor bayn eshams abard el hajar
I wait in the sun's eye on the coldness of stone

وملبكة وايد الفراق تهدني
we mlabake weyed el fera tahadni
The hand of separation guides me

وحياة ريشاتك وإيامي سوى
wahyat rishatak we ayyami sawa
I beg your feathers which equal my days

وحياة زهر الشوك وحبوب الهوا
wahyat zahr eshook we hboob el hawa
And the thorny rose and the grains of air

انكنك لعندن رايح وجن الوى
enkannak la andon rayeh we jan el hawa
If you're going to them and the paradise of love

خدني ولنو شي دقيقة وردني
khedni we lanoo shi d'i a we redni
Take me if just for a minute and bring me back


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