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Celine Dion - A Song for You

Celine Dion - A Song for You 1153 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by auto on 2012/08/13
Tag: yosoytucancion, SONG, FOR, YOU

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Celine Dion - A Song for You (Lyrics)

I couldn't live
I couldnt live without your love
for one kiss
well I'd give everything up
there's no words I can describe
what I feel deep inside
so I let this song say it all

Then I hope you'll understand
once you've listened till the end

Heard the music in my head
so before I could forget

I start singing
yeah I was singing
this song
for you

Just made up the words
la la la ohhh ohhh yeah
my heart with a melody

so I am singing
this song
for you

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