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Sami Yusuf - Ala Bi Dhikrika (Your Remembrance)

Sami Yusuf - Ala Bi Dhikrika (Your Remembrance) 4925 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by auto on 2012/07/23
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'Ala Bi Dhikrika' is the latest Single from the highly anticipated 'Salaam' album due for release Very Soon.

Music by Sami Yusuf
Poetry by Dr Shihab Ghanem
Sami Yusuf - Ala Bi Dhikrika (Your Remembrance) (Sözler / Lyrics)

Ala bidhikrika qalbi yatma'inu
Without doubt, it is in your remembrance that my heart finds tranquility

Wa hal bighaiyyri dhikrika qalbul-mari' yartahu?
And does a person's heart find rest except in your rememberance?

Fa anta mubdi'u hadhal-kawni ajmai'hi
For you are the creator of the entire universe

Wa anta khaliqu man jaa'u wa man raaho
And you are the creator of all those who have been here and all those who departed

Wa anta noorun ala noor
You are light upon light

Takhiru lahu fi sajdati-lhubbi ajsaadun wa arwahu
To whom go down in their prostration of love bodies and souls

Wa awalun anta qabla-lqabli min azalin, bil-kaafi wa-nnooni ya rabbahu, fataah
For you are the first, before all befores, in the whole creation; the opener of all with the kaf and noon letters

Wa nooru wajhika ba'da-lba'di fi abadin yabqa jaleelan, kareeman wa howa wadhaahu
And the light of your face, after all afters, till eternity, forever remains sublime and generous, whilst always brilliant

Rahmanun, raheemum, mannanun, kareemum, salaamun, aleemun, majeed
Most compassionate, merciful, bestower of blessings, generous, the source of peace, all-knowing, most glorious

La illah illa hu
There is no god except him

Ghaffarun, jameelun, wahaabun, lateefun, tawaabun, samee'un, baseer
Forgiver, most beautiful, the giver of all, gentle, accepter of repentance, all-hearing, all-seeing

La illah illa hu
There is no god except him

Waheedun, qadeerun, muhiyy, al-mumeet, al-dhahiru wa l-batin, al-ghany
Unique, the omnipotent, the giver of life, the taker of life, the manifest one, the hidden one, the all-rich

La illah illa hu
There is no god except him

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