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Pingu: Smelly Pingu - HD - 1080p

Pingu: Smelly Pingu - HD - 1080p 2150 views | Category: Comedy / Komedi | Added by Ekd on 2012/05/05
Tag: Pingu, Pinga, Smelly Pingu, Snow, Igloo, Penguin, Funny, Claymation, Live Action, Smelly, şarkı sözleri, lyrics

ingu finds a smelly fish that no one likes. Pingu then becomes "Smelly Pingu"!!

Watch and enjoy another Pingu adventure.
    Smelly Pingu
    Live Action
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    'Childrens Story'
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    Tele para los peques
    Kids Cartoons
    Kids Shows
    Childrens TV
    Childrens Story

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