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Pingu Episodes Pack

Pingu Episodes Pack 5330 views | Category: Comedy / Komedi | Added by Ekd on 2012/04/28
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Pingu multi episodes. Enjoy! :)

Pingu is a British-Swiss stop-motion claymated television series created by Otmar Gutmann. The series was produced by The Pygos Group and Trickfilmstudio for Swiss television, and centres on a family of anthropomorphic penguins living at the South Pole. The main character is the family's son and title character, Pingu.

The show originally ran for four seasons from 1986 to 1998 on SF DRS. Two episodes, produced in 1998, did not air during the original run. The episodes were run later, in 1999, as part of a Pingu marathon. HiT Entertainment's request for more episodes convinced Pygos to bring back the show in 2004, with two more series.


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