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Defining Quantum Computing

Defining Quantum Computing 934 views | Category: Science & Technology / Bilim ve Teknoloji | Added by Ekd on 2012/04/25
Tag: UNSW, UNSWTV, quantum, computing, michelle, simmons, computer, hardware, physics, şarkı sözleri, lyrics

The next big thing in computing is very small. Professor Michelle Simmons explains quantum computing, a field so complex that one pundit says you never fully understand - you just learn to live with it.
I think (not completely sure though) that the idea is too use a smaller atom. Atoms differ in size (which I'm sure you know), and I guess the atoms used to measure and impact the atoms in quantum computers are smaller atoms then the ones used to measure. Just a guess though, the explanations in this video are quite vague. I'll ask my mate who is doing his P.hd in quantum computing.

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