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Basement Jaxx - My Turn

Basement Jaxx - My Turn 1085 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by auto on 2013/04/22
Tag: UltraRecords

Basement Jaxx ft. Lightspeed Champion 'My Turn' from Ultra Records.

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Basement Jaxx - My Turn Lyrics

When will this all start?
When did i fall apart?
When is it my turn?
My turn?

Working on your heart,
Trying but i’m falling right apart,
When will this all start?
Tell me, when will this all start?

Girl, I’ll try and to forget it,
Broken down forever now, we are losing what we found
My heart is left, alone in pieces, pieces
Well will this all start?
Tell me, when will this all start?

What is left, of us?
I am kept in my shell
I will never run away, you could never get away
All of this love that we’ve lost, has left me in pieces, in pieces
Girl, it’s true, we have lost us

I could never get away, you could never runaway
Like a butterfly

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