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Se:Sa - Like This Like That

Se:Sa - Like This Like That 759 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by auto on 2013/01/25
Tag: PeppermintJamRec

The brandnew video to this autumn's smash hit from the UK.

Se:Sa - Like This Like That (Sözler / Lyrics)

music got the ??!*#%&^?? , play with the track up.

step back with the music in the time that matters, this track will make you high more than marijuana.

rinse out the hit with a static motion, mix up the bass line like a potion.

if you think you got it, let me hear ya. shake up ya booty, all the men will fear ya!

come by caribbean with da german, dash in a little of the turkish motion.

when the dj plays his shit i tell you, it

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